What I learned from Hurricane Irma

This past month has been a challenging roller coaster of emotions for everyone who lived in Naples. One moment we didn’t think Hurricane Irma was going to come close to us the next moment it was traveling straight at us. Should I board up my windows or not? Should I stay or leave? As much as I love social media, I felt it made things worse. There were conflicting reports of the intensity and direction of Irma throughout the entire coverage.

Many times I had to step back and take my emotions out of the situation to be able to make the right decision for my family and me. “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best,” I kept telling myself. I boarded up my windows while my family stayed in Tallahassee. I did everything I could to mitigate my losses.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the aftermath. Gas shortages. Food shortages. I didn’t get electricity back on for over a week. Getting everything cleaned up was exhausting. I kept thinking to myself how are people doing this that don’t exercise regularly? Day by day things got better. We cleaned up as much as we could, we opened up the gym as soon as possible. My family was safe. My house intact and my business was operational.

The greatest lesson I learned from all this is that “without struggle, there is no growth”. To grow as a human being, you have to be challenged in a way that you are uncomfortable with. It’s in those moments you begin to find out your true strength. It’s not always fun or welcomed, but you complete the task because you know it’s necessary.

The gym is the same exact way. The struggle is what makes it great. It gives greater meaning toward the rigorous training of high-intensity workouts and the aspirations we have for ourselves. Although I wouldn’t wish Irma on anyone, I am happy with the lessons I was able to take away from it.

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