The moment I walked out of the hospital after Liam was born my life felt different.

It’s difficult to describe in words. The best way to describe it is like starting life over with a fresh pair of eyes.

As I started driving home I began to recognize businesses in retail plaza’s I’ve never noticed. I slowed down, instead of speeding up towards a yellow light. Everything looked and felt new again.

It’s one thing to be responsible for taking care of yourself but the moment I realized that Liam depends 100% on me and my wife to survive I’ve never been the same.

Seeing him grow in my wife’s belly to the moment I first got to meet him is the single greatest experience in my life. I don’t know who cried more when we first met. It was definitely a tie between Liam or me.

I cherish every second I have with this guy knowing he will never ever be this little again. I sniff him like a dog, I stare at him constantly, and hold him as long as my arms are able.

Fatherhood is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

As it relates to fitness, I came to understand early on as a teenager that I’m solely responsible for my health. I cannot rely, depend, or hope that somebody else is going to put in the hard work for me.

If I want to get the results I believe a constant exercise regimen can produce for me I have to put in the work myself. I learned that at 15 years old when I lost 20lbs before my freshman year of high school.

Now as as father, I am reminded of this immense responsibility I have to take care of myself not only for my own sake but for the sake of others that depend on me

We are so happy to introduce LIAM CARTER ASHLEY to the world! Thanks to everyone for your love and support. He is finally home. Heres our wonderful journey the last few days…