On this week’s podcasts, we continue with our conversation from last week.  We discuss what we believe are the most important components of a varsity strength and conditioning program.

Here is a timeline of our conversation:
2:05 mental training vs strength training
3:45 strength & conditioning as an avenue for mental training
5:00 the most important character
6:30 effort over talent any day
7:25 setting expectations for the upcoming season
9:00 the end goal of any sports is easy to identify
11:00 the art of simplicity
12:30 each sport should develop their go-to compound lifts
14:00 the lack of education is ruining their athletes
15:00 hire a strength and conditioning specialist
16:45 why coaches don’t hire s&c experts
17:45 training for function versus situation
20:15 focus on your sports dominant time domain
23:00 You need to hire an expert today!!

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If you’re a parent of a high school athlete or know someone who is we would love for you to share this episode with them.

There is a lot of information we share that we only wish we knew when we ere in high school that would have helped us excel at the highest level in our respective sport.

Thanks for all your support with our podcast. We are really enjoying sharing what we know with you all.