“Unfortunately” is the worst reply an employee can say

This is what happens when companies don’t empower their employees to make decisions on their own.

It’s a word that should NEVER be said in the customer service industry.

“Unfortunately we don’t do that…”

“Unfortunately we can’t refund you…”

“Unfortunately I can’t make that decision…”

Employees are on the front lines of customer interaction. At times, these interactions involve problem-solving. A customer’s steak came out too red, there is a discrepancy in the bill.

Whatever the case employees need to be empowered to make decisions to immediately fix the problem.

Most cases, the situation can be solved easily if the boss said to their employees, “do whatever needs to be done to rectify the issue. I give you full control to do so”. Once the customer service industry comes to realize we are in the business of problem-solving day-to-day business transitions will go so much smoother, brand loyalty will go up, and customers will continue to buy or use your product.

Keep the clients happy.

Amazon Customer Service Reps have mastered the art of making clients happy. Many times I forgot why I called upset in the first place. “Oh, I’m sorry your package showed up late here’s a month free Prime Membership.” “I’m sorry your package was delivered damaged, we’re sending another one today. No need to send over the product for proof”. Not only do they go above and beyond they handle it immediately.

  1. If you’re a boss for heaven’s sake give your employees more flexibility and autonomy to make these decisions on their own.
  2. If you’re an employee who handles many customers in ‘unfortunate’ manner, I would try really harder to do whatever you can to make sure you can rectify the situation as fast as possible.

My loyalty is to Amazon because they aren’t afraid to say we messed up and here’s what we’ll do for you.

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