“No one is perfect…that’s why pencils have erasers.”

Many of the emails I send don’t have perfect grammar. There are workouts that I program for my gym that are less than ideal. And I don’t always say the right thing at the right time.

And I’m okay with that.

If I waited for everything to be perfect, I would get nothing done. Perfection is an illusion that is perpetuated by Facebook and Instagram. Don’t get me wrong I heart social media platforms, but I also take them with a grain of salt. Instead, I view social media as a highlight reel where people can show off the “good” in their life. I acknowledge it’s not actually real life. Real life is 24/7, 365.

Rather than falling for the myth of perfection, I strive for continuous improvement. I ask how I can grow 1% on matters that I’m not comfortable with in my life. Whether its how I can be a better husband, father, or leader I look for areas of improvement constantly. Over time the quality of those areas in my life gets better and better. Never perfect, but definitely better.

Those who truly respect me for who I am don’t care either that I’m not perfect. They don’t judge my grammatical errors, workout imperfections, or less than ideal communication. If anything they love me more for not being perfect or trying to pretend to be perfect. It’s such a better way to live.


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