The Secret to being FIT and Successful In Any Endeavor

I think the perception is that it’s easy for FIT people to workout.

That that’s why they look so good because they have a PROPENSITY to love exercise.

And for the general public, it provides a tough situation in wanting to produce the characteristics and habits of fit people. Becuase their idea is to be fit there must be a reason FIT people want to exercise all the time. That it’s just the way, they are.

The only difference between the guy who chooses to sits on the couch after work and fit people is that they DECIDE they will not let emotion, the way they feel, predicate an opportunity to take care of their health.

The individual that chooses to exercise even though they’re tired, even though they’re sore, even though they’re stressed ignores emotion. They DECIDE they’re going to go to the gym because it’s the right thing to do.

It is my desire to show people there is a different way. That presenting the lifestyle of fitness is important in developing ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

We have to, as a community, put into our hearts that we will not let emotion predicate what we know we NEED so badly.

What we are trying to do, even in our community, is get people to understand that they have to do it because it’s the right thing to do for themselves and their family.

And that’s why we exercise.

That’s why we wake up at five morning.

That’s why we make and effort to move and break a sweat.

And for nothing more we know that those decisions long term. will produce long lasting effects.

That my friends is what we call LIFELONG FITNESS.


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