“Keeping your word is one of the smallest yet impactful things you can do to build trust in any relationship.”

My wife was really excited for a handyman to come to our house yesterday to fix a few things. He had excellent reviews on Thumbtack, and his quote for the job was pretty affordable. He said he could fix the issue faster than we thought it would take to fix.

He was supposed to be at my house at 8:30 am. He never showed up. I called him 10 minutes later. He never answered or called me back. By noon we fired him. His text reply, “Okay, good luck.”

Unfortunately, this has happened to us on multiple occasions over the last few weeks. At first, it used to get me upset but as I was reminded of from a life lesson years ago, allowing my happiness to be controlled by how other people act only leads to unhappiness.

So instead, we called our other handyman who is a bit more expensive and slower, but one thing I can always guarantee is that he will be at my house to fix the things I need fixing exactly when he says he’s going to be there.

That’s worth a lot more money than 5-star reviews.

-Mario Ashley