Watch your thoughts for they become words.

Watch your words for they become actions.

Watch your actions for they become habits.

Watch your habits for they become your character.

And watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

What we think, we become.

I have always believed that our role as coaches are two fold: 1. part teacher 2. part cheerleader

Both parts equally important. The teachers role is to help maintain quality movement for the sake of safety and efficiency. The cheerleaders role is to help with the athletes mental battle going on in their head during competition. The “rah rah” method as I call it.

As an athlete who doesn’t get the pleasure to work out in class all the time, I end up working out by myself a lot. To be honest, working out by myself is no fun but I have to practice what I preach. Needless to say, I have to find creative ways to coach myself. During the middle of the workout the other day, as I’m gasping for air, I realized that I was coaching myself by  instructing and cheer-leading, the same way I do for my athletes.  “Keep your tempo Mario”, “Keep your chest up”, “One more rep, you got this”.

It was an empowering moment for me because I realized that I too have a coach at my disposal, even when no one was around.

An “invisible coach” if you will.

This new thought process helped me control my thoughts and actions much more than I realized.  My own personal coach.

So next time your in a workout, notice what your thoughts, words and actions are towards yourself . If the thoughts are negative fire that coach immediately! Find an “invisible coach” that motivates and inspires. You’ll be better for it. In class and in life!