I want you to really think about this statement.

Your goal of improved fitness was really about being a happier person.

In the process of getting in better shape you got leaner, stronger, and more physically capable. The by-product of all that hard work was improved body composition. You look better in clothes. The compliments seem to never stop. But in the process of all of that you found yourself still unhappy or worse became more unhappy.

I would argue that you either didn’t understand the purpose of why you wanted to get in better shape or you lost that purpose along the way.

There are many avenues people use to become happy. Yoga, Meditation, Self-Help books, etc. My specialty is physical exercise. I use barbells and high intensity to push people past their comfort zones. I coach self-confidence and mental toughness through grueling workouts. I wait for that moment to push them harder than they’ve ever imagined. What comes with that is a feeling accomplishment and confidence. These are requirements for happiness.

Happiness is the goal. Fitness is the tool.

I want to encourage you to never lose sight of the purpose of fitness. It should be your belief that in getting in better shape that you will become a happier person. If you don’t when the eight-pack comes, happiness won’t. Then you just become a fit person who is awful to be around.