Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when its a choice between where you are and where you want to be. – Unknown

In the pursuit of improving one’s health,  if you can take a step back and look at what you need to do in order to get the results you want, decision making can become quite easy to identify.

Decision making is a combination of starting, stopping, and keeping specific behaviors and habits that get results.

We all have goals that we want to attain in life.

In fitness, they are very easy to quantify. “I want to lose 10lbs”, or “I want to improve my Back Squat by 20lbs.” In order to realistically meet those goals, there has to be something that you need to START doing, STOP doing, and KEEP doing in order to reach your goals. These are different for everyone.

For instance, If you want to lose 10lbs you START:
-Eating real food
-Measuring your food
-Using MyFitnessPal
-Weighing yourself daily

In the same manner, you have to STOP:
-Eating fast food and fried food
-Consuming large amounts of processed food
-Making excuses
-Sitting all day

All the while, you want to KEEP:
-Exercising 5 days a week
-Drinking plenty of water
-Eating protein at every meal
-Taking days off for recovery

For every fitness goal you make this is by far the best way to reach your goals.

By the way, this isn’t a fitness skill, this is a life skill. Whenever you decide to make a new goal. Always ask, “what do I need to START-STOP-KEEP doing in order to make my dream into a reality.”