Smooth Continuous Mobility Flow (head-to-toe)

If you’ve ever trained with me you know I hate to stretching. Warming up to me is what I call my first 3 sets of my first exercise of the day. Trying to practice what I teach I’ve started to incorporate more movement into my training sessions. The following flow was created to get my body loose without having to set up any equipment. Have done this for a few weeks I can say it does feel better sooner than if I didn’t warm up this way.

5 Point Squat (Legs, Shoulders)
As well as a good full body test, this can also act as a great assessment tool for you and your clients.

Spiderman (Hips, Hamstrings)
This sequence is great as a hip opener and hamstring stretch. A good test is being able to drop your elbow to the inside of your foot.

Moonwalks (Calves, Achilles, High Hamstring)
Similar to Downard Dog in Yoga this stepping back in forth allows you to add more tension to one side.

Planks (Core, Triceps)
Stabilizing the low back and belly are a crucial component in weight training. Add the extensions adds more tension to the belly while keeping it fun.

Superman (Back, Glutes, Shoulders)
A quick way to fire the entire back side up. This is commonly performed incorrectly by initiatory the lift with the low back.

Hollow Rocks (Midline)
This looks easier than it actually is. Flexing the spine in a braced position while producing a rocking motion takes practice.

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