Parallette Practice: L-sit to Handstand

It is important to note that all inversions completed on a wall are modifications/substitutes to those same movements performed OFF the wall.

Once a level of comfortability has been shown on the wall, ALWAYS attempt to transition that skill OFF the wall.

Today we look at the mechanic involved in moving from an L-sit directly into a Handstand Hold on Parallettes ( We acknowledge a base level of strength must be evident in both the L-sit and Handstand.

Baseline abilities include a 30 sec L-sit hold and 60 sec handstand hold. Build these skills up separate before trying to perform simultaneously. If you think about it, an L-sit to Handstand is a gymnastics complex.

The best and quickest way to learn any complex is to break down the movement into its parts before putting it back together as one smooth, continuous motion.


Here are some points to consider:

1. The transition from List to HS comes from your ability to manipulate the shoulder joint from extension to flexion, from opening the angle of the armpit to closing the angle at the armpit. (Google Youtube “Parallette Shoot-throughs for a great drill).

2. Set up Pbar far enough from the wall so that you can make the handstand transition smooth and natural to lockout. As you become more experienced and confident, bring the pbars closer together. Treat as sets and reps of 5×5 for volume and skill acquisition.

3. Video Tape yourself. Nothing speaks the truth more than a visual aide. Actions speak louder than words. Videotape yourself, like I did to see where you can improve. Complete another set videotaped, and watch again. There a reason the best #nfl teams waiting hours and hours of film every week.


4. Practice. Doing this once a month, or once a week for that matter will see slow progress. But this into your warm up a few times a week for the highest chance of success and improvement.

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