I have dedicated my whole life to this sport of wrestling, and has shaped me into the person I am today and for that, I can’t thank wrestling enough.

This sport has gave me so many great opportunities and that is why I give every ounce of blood, sweat and tears to it, because I have put so much time and work. It motivates me to never stop until I reach my goals. Even when I achieve my ultimate goal of being an Olympic champion, I won’t stop because I am so obsessed.

This obsession drives me to reach for the moon, and even if I don’t, I will be among stars. Wrestling has helped me not only as a wrestler, but also a person.

My favorite quote says, “I walk around with my head down not because I am ashamed or lack confidence, but because I’m humbled by how blessed I truly am.”

This is to you wrestling, you have made me a humble and motivated person that will have me ready for whatever life throws at me.

And for that, I am ever grateful.


By: Alex Dieringer