One of my “skinny” friends who rarely exercise never seems to eat enough and when I do catch him eating his portion sizes tend to be much smaller than anyone else’s. It got me thinking, as much as people use bad genetics as an excuse for being overweight, I think that’s just a cop-out for a much simpler explanation. My hypothesis is that skinny people are skinny because they embody behaviors that help them stay naturally skinny. Likewise, those that struggle with their weight (like me) have to think very hard to make the same choices skinny people make without hesitation.

Heres my hypothesis…

Start Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the most trendy weight loss topic in fitness. In the simplest terms IF is about meal skipping. Having been in the fitness industry for over 15 years I can’t help but laugh at how popular meal skipping has become for weight loss. I thought IF is what lazy people do when they don’t feel like cooking.

The reason any weight loss diet works, including intermittent fasting, is because it reduces ones total calorie intake. Intermittent Fasting is no exception, as studies continue to prove. Skinny people do this all the time without trying. With less hunger and greater self-awareness, they skip meals more often than not.

Stop Eating When Your Full
It doesn’t matter how much you serve yourself when you eat if you know how to stop eating when you’re full. Growing up in a Spanish household of seven children my mom didn’t let food go to waste. We were taught that whatever we were served must be eaten entirely, regardless of how full we were. Not to mention the language of love in a Spanish culture is, based on and surrounded by… food. The idea of ending a meal based on how full one feels is what scientist call satiety (even though Spanish moms think otherwise).

Observational studies have shown that providing individuals with larger portions of foods and beverages leads to substantial increases in energy intake which leads to weight gain and obesity. My theory is because these individuals don’t know how to stop eating when they’re full. I’ve never seen my skinny friends plate ever completely empty. Which is also because he eats excruciatingly slow (which also leads to better weight management).

Given Two Meal Options,  Choose The Healthier Option
Making sure I eat a salad and including vegetables in my diet is not natural for me. The inside joke in my family is that my vegetable of choice is rice. I can’t help it, its what I ate every single day of my life as a child.

My theory as to why skinny people stay skinny is they are always counterbalancing unhealthy meals with healthier meals loaded with vegetables. Thus indirectly reducing their net calories on a weekly basis. Whereas decision making is hard when starting a new diet, skinny people make quality food choices much easier. Even the idea if “dieting” is a foreign concept to thinner people.