I want to briefly share the three apps he uses on a daily basis and their benefits.

Logging your food on paper is a thing of the past. As a food journal and database, there isn’t a food or recipe you can’t log on MFP. Created in 2005 MFP has over 150 million active users. In a Consumer Reports diet rating, the free version of MyFitnessPal has been rated the best free program in overall satisfaction, “maintenance, calorie awareness, and food variety”.

If you can’t lose weight its simply because you are eating more than your body needs. MFP will keep you honest and accountable.



Intermittent Fasting has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. I thought fasting was what lazy people did in the morning because they were too lazy to cook breakfast! New research has come out to prove the effectiveness of IF for weight loss, gut health, and mental clarity.

This fasting app tracks how many hours you fast on a daily basis.


Caffeine Zone
I’ve known for years that I drink too much caffeine but I’ve never tracked it consistently enough to see how it affects me. Although, the research proved caffeine acts as a performance enhancer. It has been shown to affect the quality of sleep.

This app tracks the amount of caffeine you zone in colored zones. Green means great for performance, red means will affect sleep quality.