Modifying Movement: Why, When, How and Implementation

Modifying: Why
We modify movements and workouts to allow athletes to succeed. We do that preserving intensity and technique. Adjustments are made accordingly.

Modifying: When
Modifications need to be considered in each of the following conditions:
Low-Capacity athletes
New athletes
Younger (<15) and Older (50>) athletes

Modifying: How: How
Lighter weights, bands on pull ups, knees on push up
Tempo, reducing speed alone allows some athletes to be more successful
Distance/R.O.M.(e.g. Snatch modified to power snatch)
Reducing volume in any movement (less of any given movement in any given wod)
Reducing Range of motion

Modifying: Implementation
Scenario #1 Luke
21-15-9 Pullups and Thrusters (95/65)
Sally has only been at the gym 3 weeks and has no pull ups and never done a thruster prior, how would you modify Sally for this workout?

Scenario #2
WOD: 16 Minute Cap: 800m run, 40 squats, 40 push ups, 40 sit ups, 800m run
Paul has been at CFN for 6 months. He’s about 50 lbs overweight. What changes would you make for Paul for him to succeed?

Scenario #3
WOD: 12 min amrap: 12 burpees, 9 wall balls (20/14), 6 DB Clean and jerks (35/25)
Betty is one of our most advanced female athletes, but she has been feeling pain in her right shoulder with overhead movements just recently. How would you modify Betty for this wod?

Scenario #4
Wod: 15 minutes of: 100 singles, 10 lunges, 10 burpees
Cathy is 63 years old. She has ankle and foot injuries. How should she modify this workout?

Scenario #5
Front Squat 4×10 Reps
Fred has a really poor front rack position due to inflexibility in the shoulder. How should Fred modify this strength piece?

Scenario #6
Wod: 10 Minutes Prowler push, 10 minutes run, 10 minutes Double unders
Bennie has a recovering calf injury. How might you modify Bennie for this day?

Scenario #7
15 Minutes of Squat Snatch Practice: Heavy Singles
LaRonda is new to CF and has never touched a barbell before. What might you have her do instead of Heavy Snatches?
Modifying: Implementation

Scenario #8
20 Min EMOM: Even 5-8 HSPU, ODD 6-10 Pistols
Jane is 6 months pregnant, but has been doing CF for a year. How might you modify Jane for this wod?
Modifying: Implementation

Scenario #9
20 Min Amrap: 400m Run, 20 Jumping Burpees, 10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
John Paul has 1 year of CF experience. He’s 40lbs overweight but is very strong and has amazing flexibility. He’s also bad at running. How would you modify JP?
Modifying: Implementation

Scenario #10
WOD: 5 Rounds for time
400m Row, 20 deadlifts (135/95), 20 Medball sit ups
Cicero has a history of having a bad back and it’s been acting up this past week. How would you modify Cicero?
Juliana has pulled her Trapezius the prior week. What would you do to help her with this wod?
Modifying: Implementation

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