No Bells and Whistles. Just Results

When we opened up in 2010 our philosophy was quite simple.


Build a small space – No A.C – No machines-No Mirrors- Keep it simple but work them hard.

We set up the gym with plenty of open space for our members to move and workout freely.

We bought free weight equipment that requires big, calorie burning, functional movements to use. All of our classes are in a group setting. No member goes at it alone. We taught our coaches to instruct and educate every class like a professor would to his students. We eventually capped class sizes so we could maintain exceptional personal attention. Our small class sizes has been the one of the secrets to our success. 

 No bells and whistles.  Just results.

Every single time our members walk through our doors they have one of our top-notch coaches with them, leading them through a unique, high-energy workout aimed at maximizing their potential both physically and mentally.

There’s nobody going it alone. We encourage each other like teams do. Our members never get bored because we keep changing up the workouts on them. Just show up ready to roll we’ll do the rest. That’s what good coaches do.

Nearly 100% of our members train several-times-per-week, working hard, getting fit, and having fun.

That’s what fitness should be all about.

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