Lately I can’t stop thinking a lot about the term success and the characteristics that encompass successful people.

The “experts” say that successful people wake up early, work out regularly, eat healthy, think positive, are laser-focused, serve the community, are continuously learning, sleep well, are passionate about what they do, the list goes on and on.

Is that all I have to do?!!

As I began to study success this list continued to grow larger and larger. Not only did the list become impossible to remember, it became impossible to apply.

Instead, I wanted to find out what was the common denominator that encompassed all these other traits. Not only would this be easier to remember it would make it more possible to execute.

My conclusion was that we become successful by WHAT WE DO CONSISTENTLY WELL. That success then becomes the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Being fit is no different.

Fit individuals are in great shape NOT because they have great genetics but because they workout and eat healthy on a CONSISTENT BASIS. This repeated effort day in and day out produces great results.

I get it…It’s easier said than done because this type of mentality takes an immense amount of patience to recognize that this is a long-term strategy.

That if we could be patiently consistent, the results and joy that come from this strategy are well worth the wait.

-Mario Ashley, MBA
Naples Strength & Conditioning, Owner