One of the things I understood about social media is that its a TOOL.

Like any tool, for instance, the hammer, it can be used to drive a nail into a wall (good) or drive someone head into the concrete (bad). Those that decry the evils of social media don’t know how to use the tool properly. Likewise, there are people that let social media run their lives. That’s also a misuse of the tool.


This is the hardest to balance. At times I over consume social media where I feel it has a negative impact on my life. Such as, not giving enough attention to my family or comparing my life to others online. This is when I use tactics like 24-hour social media fasting, turning the phone off at 5 pm, or keeping it out of my bedroom to help center me again.

On the positive side, it has helped me connect and stay connected with many people online. Within seconds I can see what someone is up to. This also needs to be performed with a high level of self-awareness. The obsessiveness of it becomes “modern-day stalking”. Ironically, stalking in person in illegal, online it isn’t (this is a whole different conversation).


As a business owner of a fitness facility, social media provides me ideas for content I can create for my followers. The level of creativity is greater than anything I would have thought about by myself. It pushes me to put out better connect to my base.

On the negative side, I’m afraid many people in my industry post content that has no scientific basis. “Eating fat is bad for you”, “Don’t back squat”, etc. I never take info at face-value or final value. Instead, I cross-reference with peer-reviewed research.

There’s more I can say about that. Hope that helps get you thinking about social media and its inevitable role in all of our lives.

-Mario Ashley, MBA

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