Over the 15 years that I’ve been a personal trainer and the 10 years I’ve spent as a CrossFit coach, my training philosophy has evolved as my experience and knowledge grows.

My current philosophy is that my role as a coach is “5% inspirational, and 95% educational”.

I’m not afraid to get in your face when there is 1-minute to go and I need you to jump back up on the bar to perform a few extra reps when you think you have nothing left to give. I don’t hesitate to yell across the room when I see you do something great I think everyone should hear said out loud. That’s the inspirational cheerleader stuff. The other 95% of the time I’m educating. Usually unscripted, longwinded, and philosophical knowledge bombs you won’t hear from anyone else. These are golden nuggets that have developed through my years of trial and error.

I never tell my clients to “do it this way” without the reason behind it. I give them the WHY. The WHY its important to keep your shoulders over the bar until mid-thigh on the Deadlift so you don’t hurt your back. The WHY you Push Jerk a barbell overhead with less than 5% of your arms to allow the most powerful part of your body to do the work. The WHY you should master the Air Squat before rushing into Back Squats as a long term strategy for strength building. The list goes on and on.

I’m not afraid to show my clients exercise by performing it physically to enhance my point. I don’t really care if I’m warmed up properly. I’m fully present to their needs. I take those risks so that my clients may benefit. That’s my personal philosophy of coaching and my purpose in life.