How To Literally Invest Into Your Fitness

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.”

The most difficult truth in the world to accept is that we ALWAYS have a choice. We may not always be able to choose for other people but we can ALWAYS choose for ourselves.

We can choose to be joyful or sad, bitter or sweet, closed off or open, show love or hold it back. Conscious or not, these are all choices. I learned this from a great book called Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

Likewise, the decision to exercise or not today is a choice. The decision to eat fast food for lunch is a choice. The decision to go to sleep late is a choice. Each choice we make in life has a consequence; good or bad.

What has helped me make better choices in my life is to treat my actions as deposits in my fitness bank account. When I exercise, I’m making a deposit. When I skip a workout, I’m making a withdrawal. When I choose to make a healthy food choice that is a deposit in my health. When I decide to eat non-nutritious foods that is a withdrawal. When I eat “clean” I’m making a deposit.

The goal of any good bank account is to save more money than one spends. Do that enough times, and you become rich. In our case only better because it goes towards our health and happiness.

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