Happy Bday Son!

Dear Liam,

Today is a very special day. Exactly One Year Ago today you were born. In that moment you gave me the privilege and honor to be your father. I remember leaving the hospital like it was yesterday. I was a nervous wreck driving you home. When we finally got home we showed you around the house and your bedroom. I must have checked on you 100x the first night to make sure you were still breathing. As time went on you grew more and more giving mom and I time to become better and better parents. I admit mommy has changed more poopy diapers. I’ll never get used to that smell son. Nobody should.???? My favorite time with you has been reading???? to you in your bath and our walks around the neighborhood. I have laughed every day since you have been born. You’ve given me and your mom purpose by trying to be the best example we can for you to emulate.

I hate that I’m not with you right now but as a hurricane bolted toward our town I felt that yours and moms safety was number one. I stayed behind to give us the greatest chance to protect the foundation and life we’ve created for you. If I had to do it again I would knowing that the extra work I put in while the hurricane headed our way made all the difference of keeping our dreams alive. I love you so much son and hope one day when you can understand that the sacrifices we make will always be to give you the very best life possible.

Happy Birthday ???? LIAM CARTER ASHLEY

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