This might sound illogical for you to hear the first time but from a squatting perspective, you don’t need your hands at all. In fact, the bar is not something that we’re supposed to hold on to, but instead is something that becomes a part of us. We grip the bar with our palms as a necessary by-product of having upper body limbs attached to our body. Which is why you need to become more like Frankenstein.

This exercise is a great self-awareness drill to help athletes understand how important full bar contact “up and over the anterior shoulder” is for any type barbell supported exercise requiring the bar to rest on the shoulders. This includes: power cleans, squat cleans, front squats, and push jerks.
By holding it in this position you are forced to keep your torso upright so that the bar does not roll forward while also prohibiting you from shooting your hips up to fast in comparison to your shoulders.

A great metaphor for the necessary relationship between the shoulders and hips when standing up with the bar is the basic measurement of speed called miles per hour (Mph).

For example, If your hips are traveling upward 10mph and your shoulders do not travel exactly 10mph a lag occurs between the hips and shoulder. Which will eventually cause the bar to roll off the shoulders, a rounded back, and heels to come off the ground.. So a disparity in speed in which the hip rises faster than the shoulder means the hip is traveling faster and/or the shoulders are rising slower.

Bar becoming a part of his body by sitting up, overhead, and behind the anterior deltoid.


So ultimately if an athlete can perform the Frankenstein Squat exquisitely then why can’t they perform that same quality squatting motion with their hands in the front rack position? The answer is not lack of mobility in the ankles, knees, and hips. They proved otherwise in the Frankenstein rather what is necessary is an improvement in shoulder mobility to be able to hold the bar in a front rack without affecting the contact point of the bar in the same exact way the bar rest on the body as it does in the Frankenstein Squat.

-Mario Ashley, MBA, Owner of Naples S&C

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