Call me lucky but I’ve been fortunate to have really great coaches. It hasn’t always been that way. A year after opening my gym in 2010 I had to hire my first ever coach. The coach I hired was a friend of mine that joined the Navy with me years prior. I knew he was great at coaching but what I came to find out what that he was terrible at everything else. He wouldn’t follow the To-Do list I gave him, he would forget to have prospects fill out the waiver, and worst of all… instead of coaching the class like he was supposed to he would take the class with the members!

I tried and tried to help him but I eventually had to fire him.

So to answer your question, the obvious solution to not hiring slackers is not to hire slackers. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know with 100% accuracy that your new hire is a slacker until after you hire them.

What’s more important is that you can quickly identify the slackers and do these two things:

1. Educate

Don’t be quick to judge. Remember as a business owners leadership starts with you. You have to take full responsibility for these slackers. You hired them. Identify what about them need remediation. Can you help them get better at a specific skill they are lacking?

2. Move on

Know when its time to move on. If you can’t fire someone because you feel bad for them you will never succeed. Remember we are all replaceable. Before you do that be certain that you did everything in your power to help them. If they still don’t get it then you have to let them go before it brings your culture and business down with them.

Hope that helps!

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