In this episode we talk about:

00:55 Do you consider recovery days as part of training?
2:30 Under-recovery is a misuse of a training program
3:30 Eating is part of training
4:10 Professional athletes are always ON
5:10 Recovery isn’t taken seriously becuase it isn’t fun or sexy
6:45 if you can’t get in a good position you will never be able to maximize your ability
8:20 Injury forces/humbles you toward better recovery methods
9:15 signs of over-training
11:10 pain is a clear indicator that something is wrong
13:00 decreased motivation as a sign of over-training
14:00 learning how to listen to your own body
15:30 scheduling your off days as part of training
16:15 traditional forms of recovery vs new forms of recovery
18:15 The Wim Hof Method
20:00 Mario’s experience with extreme ice baths
21:00 Fire breathing
24:00 you can’t make up sleep
24:30 sleep is a completely free form of recovery
26:10 What is your Krono-type?
28:00 breaking a light sweat as a form of recovery
28:00 10 minute walks as physical and mental reset
30:15 not all modalities work for everyone
31:45 rule of thumb for recovery for beginners and advanced athletes