85lb One Arm Push Press (demo)

The One DB Push Press is highly effective in developing greater power, strength, and coordination. Any limitation in any of this skill will become evident as loads go up.

Here are some mental cues to help make this movement a bit easier for me:


The dip is used to place the load of the weight into the leg. In doing so, will give us greater speed through the lift. Dip as necessary to feel the weight transfer into the legs but not so deep you feel like your squatting.

2. Drive

The drive phase begins as you reverse from the dip, translation force from the ground toward the load on the shoulders. Imagine a line that begins at your feet and travels vertically directly over your shoulder. That’s how you want that power to travel. Be fast and aggressive as not to make it look like separate movements.

3. Press

The press is the most awkward part of the life as it is required that you finish locked out with the palms forward. The main goal is to drive so forcefully that only about 25% of the lift is completed by the press.

4. Bicep-to-ear

This cue becomes the finish position of all overhead movements. This cue allows for the most stable position overhead with wrist stacking over shoulders. Those who can’t finish in this position will always struggle.

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