The Most Logical HSPU Progression [video]

It’s one thing to know the importance of performing hspu’s but it’s a totally different thing to know how to perform them properly. Like all things in fitness, you must work for them to get better.
This is the most logical progression to performed handstand pushups….

1. Make sure you can consistently hold a static position upside down. Work 10–15 seconds at a time until you athlete can hold 60 seconds at a time.

2. Working through the concentric motion is the next step. Any depth is a great start. Focus on sets of 3–5 reps for a while at that depth. Over time have the athlete work through an increased range of motion and greater volume (more sets and reps).

3. The kipping version is the most advanced version of the HSPU. The cycle time offers great volume and greater intensity than its counterpart, the strict HSPU.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice often. You can only get better through consistency. Be patient, the improvements will come.

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