There are TWO main concepts to proficient doubler under which include:

  • Efficient wrist rotation
  • Proper landing mechanics.

These drills specifically and drastically improve wrist rotation. Video analysis is the best coaching tool for correcting errors in the double under. “The video become their mirror.”

EXPERT TIP: Spending a little extra time filming athletes perform double unders and playing it back in slow motion allows the athlete to visually see these flaws in real time.

-Mario Ashley

Over many doubles, his shoulders and stiff elbows begin to take over. I tested his doubles by asking him to perform as many as he could without stopping. My goal was to over exhaust him before I began. Performing fresh is completely different than performing exhausted. That’s when minor errors become major errors.

In slow motion, you see how he slowly begins to extend his wrist away from his body. As a by-product, he is forced to exhaust his shoulders and elbows which effectively reduces the length of the rope underneath him. As you can see it is only a matter of time before it affects his timing.

The PVC Jump Drill helps him how to relax his shoulders, keep his elbows behind his ribs, and wrist near his hips, without the pressure of having to perform constant double unders.

The Box Tunnel Drill helps create better spatial awareness while re-enforcing the importance of keeping his wrist close to his body. This is otherwise impossible to recreate without a physical barrier. Two 30-inch boxes stacked on each other work perfectly for this drill.

This Before & After video is a side-by-side of Video 1 and Video 4. In less than 5 minutes we were able to get him to drastically improve his wrist rotation while relaxing his shoulder and elbows.

Next up..we are going to work on his landing mechanics!



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