In business, we are constantly reminded that we are easily replaceable based on the value a customer places in your product or services. You can thank the internet for that.

If you don’t like how your lawn is being cut you search the internet for a new lawn service. If you don’t like how crappy your stereo systems sounds (as we came to realize at our gym this past month) you go to your local Best Buy and purchase a new one.  I found the cheapest stereo system online with the greatest value (quality, amperage, bass, etc) and priced matched it at the store.

Cost is what someone pays, and value is what someone gets. -Warren Buffett

As a gym owner, this fact is sad and empowering at the same time.

If someone decides that our gym services don’t meet their needs anymore they can decide to leave at any time. They go online, look for another gym that offers the same things we do at a cheaper price.  If they see a greater value in what the other gym is offering they leave. That’s the sad news.

The good news is that if I I take this fact, void of emotion, I can choose to create programs and services that makes it impossible for them to leave. More programs, more services, more things for them to choose from.  As the owner, I can add or take away these programs as I deem fit. That’ the empowering news.

In order to become irreplaceable, or at least make it feel that way, you want to create so much value it would be insanity for them to leave. But at the end of the day, the fact remains we are ALL replaceable.


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