This is the real reason I focus on my fitness and health so much.

I could care less about having an 8-pack. As long as I feel good and know I’m pushing my training on a daily basis, I am content.

As much as wanting to be fit is a selfish act it is also a SELF-LESS act…because by taking care of myself FIRST I’m able to better take care of others.

When Liam and Dawson get older I want to be able to do the things they can do. I want to be able to run with them when they complete their first 5k together. I want to hike with them in Colorado when we spend all day climbing a 14,000ft peak . I want to go scuba diving with them in the Bahamas or Cuba

Having a high-level fitness has nothing to do with looking like a bodybuilder. It has to do with performing well.

That performance transfers into my everyday life so I can experience life in a way many can’t because they don’t take care of themselves.

I am so grateful that I found fitness at such an early age. What I once did as a means to become a better wrestler has made me a better father, husband, and human being.