I can’t believe 2017 is almost over!

As Christmas quickly turns into the New Year, we are forced to reflect on the goals we set earlier in the year.

– Did you lose those 10lbs you wanted to drop?

– Did you exercise more often?

– Did you improve on your lifts like you hoped to?

– Did your flexibility improve?

– Did you save enough money?

– Did you take up that new hobby you wanted to learn?

Unfortunately for many of us it just didn’t happen. I know this because statistically, we are part of a figure that proves many of us would quit before March. Out of the 45% of people who make New Year’s resolutions each year, only 8% succeed (LINK). Of the most popular types of resolutions, the two highest involve some level of fitness or healthy lifestyle improvement.

Here are even more harsh facts:

42 percent say it’s too complicated to follow a diet
38 percent say it’s too hard to get back on track once they fall off
36 percent say it’s hard to find time
So where does that leave us?

From my own experience, I know that all goals come down to your WHY. Let me explain…

Before opening Naples S&C 7 years ago, I was a busy full-time college student that loved personal training on the side. Every moment I got, I used as an opportunity to learn more about training and coaching. I had a burning desire to help other people feel better about themselves through physical exercise. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that that burning desire was my WHY. Through the ups and downs of being a small business owner, my WHY kept me grounded, disciplined, and motivated when things got hard.

So when I set out this year to Back Squat 400lbs, I failed miserably. A few years before I had Back Squatted 385lbs but missed 400lbs on various occasions. I started the year out strong following a 5×5 program but after the first few months, I stopped. Then I slowly began making excuses for skipping training. Eventually, I quit Back Squatting by myself altogether. I can safely say that the reason I quit was because I had no valid WHY for wanting to Back Squat 400lbs. I thought it would be cool to say “I squat 400lbs”. In actuality, I could care less. Squatting 400lbs didn’t drive me. It didn’t excite me thinking about it. I had no personal attachment to it. That’s WHY I failed.

As the year comes to an end, it is my hope that you will find your WHY.

This isn’t something that comes easily to most people. It requires you to think long and hard about what you want out of life and the roadblocks that are keeping you from them. Once you find your WHY the solution will slowly eventually come to you. Day-by-day you learn to navigate the details of your goals.

The HOW isn’t as important as your WHY.

I leave you with this…It was Nietzche who said, “He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” Eventually, if your WHY is strong enough, you might just wake up seven years later with a full-fledged business helping other people feel better about themselves.

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