Why Every Business Needs A Newsletter

What is so important to understand about newsletter campaigns is it gives you the opportunity to consistently stay in front of your audience.

These are people who you have already built trust and credibility with, because you’ve already done business with them in one manner or another. We treat this newsletter just like an online newspaper. What we add to a newsletter are the same things you would find in a newspaper. It’s informational, fun, and engaging. In our newsletter we also include pictures, videos, coupons and monthly deals.

And what we need to understand is that people are using or are going to need your product or service at one point or another. For example, if I’ve been getting my lawn cut by Joe’s Landscaping and I stop using him, I’m going to use my resources to find somebody else. Another example, I drink whey protein after working out, If the company I buy that whey protein from stops selling it, I will try to recall other brands on the market that I might like.

Our goal with newsletters is to stay in front of our audience to make sure that when they are ready to use that product or service, they’re going to use or buy from you.

How do we get emails?

The way we distribute our newsletters is not considered spam.

The reason I say that is the emails in which those newsletters get sent out to, go to individuals that have done business with me before. Now that’s really important because what’s happening now, are these newsletters most of the time, are getting sent out as spam to people that they have never done business with. That is a huge party foul in the business industry. I don’t care how good a product is, if I get spam from that company I’m highly offended. I immediately block that email from sending me any more spam. Please don’t do that.

We are gathering emails from current clients as they come and do business with us. I’ve been doing this for the last six years with my business. We’ve accrued almost 5,000 emails from people that are current clients, past clients, or that have dropped in to experience our program.

There should also be an option on your website that features an opt-in button. This opt-in feature is for people that are testing the water with your business.

They want to see what you’re all about before spending their well-earned money. They’re looking to see what you are sending out, what you are putting out, and if you are able to develop enough trust and credibility that way. That’s what that opt-in feature is used for. But don’t ever, ever, ever send out newsletters to people you’ve never done business with. It is a lazy way to do business.

When do you send out your newsletter?

We guarantee a newsletter on the first of the month no matter what; rain, shine, hurricane, tornado- that newsletter is going out. Our credibility is being tested every single month if we don’t. Recipients of our newsletter can expect that the first of the month, they are going to receive a good quality email talking about the multiple things going on in our gym, links to blog articles, pictures, videos, and coupons to our products and services. We’re putting all of that in the newsletter for people to engage and look through.

I recommended it to my massage therapist today because when I don’t schedule a massage, I don’t even know he’s around, I don’t even think about a massage. Imagine if he was sending a newsletter once or twice a month to be able to develop a bit more excitement about getting a massage with a $10 OFF Coupon and a link to an article about the benefits of monthly massage?

I can think of multiple businesses that could benefit from a newsletter. The pool business is phenomenal because they can send out discounts based on supply and demand. They can talk about certain times of the year where there are issues with the pumps. Or perhaps they could create YouTube videos on pool maintenance and send that out through the newsletter. It is a great tool for stylists who tend to struggle out of season to gain clients. It’s a great idea to just inform them on new products that could help their clients, or create sense of urgency with a “schedule an appoint in the next 24 hours and receive a free shampoo”. There’s so much opportunity here, it’s unbelievable.

I like the newsletter because it’s paperless. We use MailChimp. Its free up to 2,000 subscribers and very user friendly.  Templates are already pre-made and can be used again to help streamline content creation. They include an opt-in widget you can add to your website and their video tutorials are very helpful.

I want to start my newsletter today. How do I start?

There are businesses that you can hire that can create those newsletters for you. My wifedoes our business newsletter herself and she works with clients aswell to build their own newsletter. They send her content throughout the month. Before the end of the month she sends the owners digital proofs until they are happy with the design and layout.  On the first of the month, that newsletter goes out to all their clients. So it’s not something that you have to learn. We’ve learned it over time and we’ve been able to master it, but if you’re like “oh my God, this is a great idea but I just don’t have the time to do it”, then hire someone to do it for you. There are multiple companies out there that offer it. I would really stick to small companies to do these services for you because they are able to connect with you, they are more genuine, and they understand your needs.


What we want to understand about business is in the moment that you’re trying to sell the hopes is that they are ready to buy. It doesn’t always happen that way, The newsletter allows you brand to stay in the hearts and minds of prospective clients so when they are ready to buy they think of you. That’s what the newsletter provides.

I hope you took something out of this article, a “golden nugget” as I like to call it, and implement this in your business. Business is all about these little golden nuggets, putting all these things together slowly but surely until you have something that’s profitable and proud of.

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