Who Cares How Much You Eat For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it forces us to stop and remind ourselves to give thanks and count our blessings. With that said, I’ve never understood the guilt of eating an endless amount of food on Thanksgiving. Isn’t that what makes Thanksgiving one of the best holidays ever?!

I know that’s probably not the most politically correct answer as a trainer and coach, but it’s the truth. No single salad made anyone skinny. Conversely, no Double Cheeseburger ever made anyone become overweight. Nevertheless, if you are already feeling anxiety about overeating on Thanksgiving here are three tips that may help keep your calorie consumption somewhat manageable.

Stay moving
Just as popular as chest day is on Monday for bodybuilders, everyone knows that Thanksgiving is left for running 5ks. Every city in the U.S. host 5ks on Thanksgiving. My theory is that because they know they can take advantage of the mindset “if I burn extra calories by running, then I can eat more food.” Although I don’t agree with that, it does help ticket sales.

If running isn’t your cup of tea, perform a quick bodyweight workout from home. Here is a list of workouts and exercises you can do that require no equipment. Whatever your choice keep the workout fun. My family has decided to play sports this year before dinner which is going to be interesting, but I like the idea that we are all encouraging each other to move and break a sweat.

Fill up with protein and veggies
When it’s time to eat start with your protein and vegetables first. I encourage you to snack on those foods higher in protein and fat before the Big Meal. It can take up to 20 minutes to feel full once we start eating, so picking at food while waiting for dinner to can help make you feel fuller before you are tempted to eat the typical starchy Thanksgiving style foods. Does mash potatoes, cheesy potatoes, stuffing ring a bell?

Who cares
You’re not going to eat perfectly on Thanksgiving. There’s no reason to place all that pressure on yourself. You begin to get caught up on eating “healthy” that you forget the whole reason you are celebrating Thanksgiving, to start with. Each the company of family and friends. Laugh, tell stories, give chest bumps. When it’s all over, we’ll wake up the morning and crush it like we usually do.

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