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What feelings do you get when you realize something significant you learned in school is completely wrong?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out to me to answer this question.

Mark Twain said it best, “don’t let teaching interfere with your education”.

Although the first reaction is to get upset about uncovering the truth I realized that such feelings are pointless.

Instead, I become extremely grateful for learning the truth in which I previously thought otherwise.

The traditional education system is not created for original thought. The history of Anglo-Saxon education created by the church has been well documented here and tried to suppress free thought.

I would argue that it is OUR responsibility NOT to take any information at face value. We are unique beings, with unique perspectives and unlimited freedom to think for ourselves. It’s our obligation and duty to seek the truth.

By having learned something that you thought was right but was in fact “wrong” is bringing you closer to the truth. And for those reasons, I find extreme gratitude when I learn something new that I didn’t know previously or was misinformed about.

Mario Ashley, MBA

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