Turning Fear Into Excitment

When I first learned about CrossFit 10 years ago I was opposed to it. The movements were complex, the rep schemes didn’t make sense, and the workouts seemed to change all the time.

As a personal trainer, I was taught a different way of coaching. One that included much more basic exercises and plans with an almost identical training regimen from week to week. As clients got in better shape, I would add more reps and weights into their workouts.

I began to accept that the only constant in training would be CHANGE.

As weeks turned into years, I began getting bored of this type of training style and so did my clients. Worst of all I didn’t feel my training method was providing my client’s results fast enough.

Being more open to other training methodologies I began dabbling with CrossFit. Over the next couple of months, I saw better results doing CF than I did in the last year combined. Although the workouts were changing every day, I was able to adapt and get better.

Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude change.

The daily change in workouts, which I didn’t like at first, turned into excitement for the unknown. I began to accept that the only constant in training would be CHANGE.

Looking back 10 years later I know that it was the uncomfortability of the unknown that made me stronger. Instead of looking at change as a bad thing I looked at it as an opportunity for growth. I turned fear into excitement and worry into joy.

I’ve never been the same since.

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