Top TEN TENdencies of a CrossFit Athlete

I’ve been CrossFitting for almost 10 years now. I’ve seen many athletes come and go for various reasons. Those who have stuck around have done it by remaining consistent, enjoying the journey, and most importantly having fun.

I created this TOP TEN years ago when compiling a list of factors to consider as a CrossFit gym member. This checklist is a tool for my athletes as a foundation to their training.


1. The stopwatch is your best friend, NOT your enemy. Use it as an assessment tool for training.

2. When dealing with an injury (notice I said when not if) stop what you’re doing and take care of it. Period.

3. Standards are also your best friend when learning new exercises. Without them, we would never know our true potential. It also keeps us in the game a lot longer. Call the game “lifelong fitness”.

4. There is no such thing as a weakness if you work at them often enough. Admitting weakness requires courage and faith to want to improve.

5. Know your strengths and keep them that way. Strengths help separate us from the status quo. Keep it that way.

6. Smile often. It cost nothing but means everything.

7. Once you have mastered the mechanics of a movement it’s your duty and obligation to teach it to others. A great athlete is a by-product of the mentorship of former great athletes.

8. If you don’t like dieting. Just be more aware of what you eat and how much you eat. Psssst….That’s dieting.

9. Have goals. We all have the same kinds of goals just different degrees of them. Set goals for yourself and nobody else. This keeps us from running in circles and helps create a sense of accomplishment.

10. Nobody is forcing you to do exercise so have FUN with it.

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