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The habit of creating weekly To-Do List has single-handedly given us the most consistency in the quality of our service over anything else we have done in business.

Being the jack-of-all-trades is not easy. Remembering all those daily tasks can be overwhelming and stressful. We have many things at our gym that we do that bring exceptional service but we found as we got busier we sometimes forgot to complete those tasks.

It was understandable but not acceptable. We wanted to be more consistent with what we were doing to be able to offer greater trust and value to our members.

EXPERT TIP: Save the To-Do List on Google Docs. This way you can edit when needed. It is the role of the coach of the first class on Monday to re-print.

That’s how the To-Do List came about. These tasks have changed greatly since first implementing but it has given our staff a great accountability and focus on how they do their jobs on a weekly basis.

What’s on the To-Do list isn’t as important as the fact that you are implementing a To-Do list in the first place. Some things on the To-Do list remain the same from week-to-week while other tasks only happen once or twice a week. The most important part is that you have one in place for your coaches and yourself.

Every quarter we update the list and add or take away tasks that could be more effective or efficient.



  1. Start a To-Do List list Monday morning. Take the biggest task that you do on a weekly basis and put it on paper.
  2. Train your staff on the importance of the To-Do list as a non-negotiable in their job roles.


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