The Value of A Support System

In episode 18 we talk about auditing your relationships, employees that are mutually beneficial and finding people who will push you.

In this episode we talk about:

2:00 everyone is saying it but don’t know what it means
3:30 you can never detach from a strong community
4:00 business is all about relationships
4:50 auditing your relationships
6:00 three ways to audit relationships
8:00 knowing the purpose of each relationship you have
9:15 what qualities do you look for in any relationship?
10:45 driven people are contagious to be around
13:00 the purpose of fitness
13:45 all relationships must be mutually beneficial
15:45 be willing to have tough conversations
16:00 the greatest privilege of relationships
17:45 employees that are mutually beneficial
19:30 Marios mistake when hiring his first coaches in 2010
21:00 everyone wants the title, but nobody wants to put in the work
22:40 finding people who will push you
23:45 the theory of “modeling” in psychology
26:00 red flag behaviors force us to audit relationship
27:00 let behaviors, not the person form your relationships
28:00 motivated people are harder to be friends with’
30:00 treat people how you want to be treated

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-Mario Ashley, MBA
Naples Strength & Conditioning, Owner

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