Taking the whole movement and breaking it down into it’s parts allows the athlete to grasp the movement easier and helps the coach see where the fault is occurring and where the athlete needs the most help (i.e. triage theory).

Deadlift + Front Squat + Hang Power Clean = Clean


  • Top of the Knee DL
  • Bottom of the Knee DL
  • Mid Shin (aka Ground) DL

This progression is effective in that it allows the coach to ensure the athlete is hinging from the hip and that the bar travels as straight as possible.

Front Squat

Rack Position

The rack position is the receiving position of the bar after the jump.

Cue: Front Squat, “when I say go I want you to bring your hips back and down into a full depth front squat”

Hang Power Clean

The H.P.C. gets the athletes to add more speed to the movement. Start at the top of the knee as it is the least distance required to travel. Add more depth as the athletes show more proficiency and consistency in the movement.

Cue: Drag the bar to the top of the knee “when I say go I want you to jump and land in a partial Front Squat”

Cue: Bottom of the Knee, “ready go”

Cue: Mid Shin, “ready go”

Common Faults

  • Squatting into the DL and not hinging from the hip
  • Stance too close or too wide
  • Early arm bend
  • Catching the elbows too low
  • Not punching elbow fast enough
  • Landing on toes

Reference Daniel Cargo’s: Cues and Corrections for a list of Common Faults and how to fix them easily. (LINK)