The secret to weight loss is there is no secret.

The truth is that all weight loss programs have one deciding factor that connects them all and that’s The Calorie Deficit model.

The science of weight loss goes like this: First you must calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and multiply that by your Activity Level. This gives you your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). This is what you need to survive and not pass out while exercising. If done consistently you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. To lose weight you will need to decrease your TDEE by 10-20%. That’s a safe, sustainable, and manageable form of weight loss. But don’t worry you won’t need to remember any of that. That’s what online Macro Calculators are for (link).

The real reason why people don’t lose weight is because they are very inconsistent when it comes to following this principle. We call them “Weekday Dieters”, they are able to maintain a small caloric deficit throughout the week but as soon as the weekend comes they fail miserably.

No amount of weekday starvation is going to make up for a terrible weekend lifestyle. Consistency trumps intensity every time.

Maybe the secret to dieting is consistency??

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