The Holy Trinity of Business: Quality, Profit, Fun

These three variables have proven to be the hallmark of my business. It has allowed my business to maintain a level of excellence I’m proud of, provide a salary for me and my coaches, and keep a smile on my face while I do it.


CrossFit CEO, Greg Glassman said in a seminar I attended 5 years ago to gym owners that as a business, success was predicated on “the blind and relentless constant pursuit of excellence.” Encouraging us to become the very best possible for the interest of our clients.

This pursuit drives the quality of our program from the way we coach to making sure the toilet paper is stocked.

Though excellence is a qualitative measure it is clear to see when you experience it. Whether you offer a service or a product look for opportunities to raise the bar with everything you do.

2. Profit 

I love coaching. I love coaching and making money even more. The difference between this as a hobby and a profession is that I’m fortunate enough to do this year-round-full time as a way to make a living for me and my family. I look at profit as a positive marker that we are doing something right. Many times when numbers are lower than normal it usually comes back to something we have neglected as a team in that area. Once we put focus back on that ‘thing’ it usually reflects in a profit. We never lead the conversation about profit becuase it can drive us to doing things for the wrong reason but without monthly profit post payroll you might as well go back to your day job.

3. Fun

This is easier said than done when you’re in the middle of the #grind but if you can just step back for a  few seconds and remember why you are working so hard you will realize how much fun and passion you had for the thing you work so hard for day-in and day-out.As an business owner the essence of entrepreneurship is trying to monetize the thing you love so much. Never forget that.

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