The Domino Effect: A Metaphor for how successful businesses are created

There’s no such thing as instant success in any arena of life, especially business.

A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events.

The domino effect illustrates success beautifully and practically.

Each event/action you take in business leads to another action. That action requires another action to take place to keep the momentum going.

If the dominos were labeled starting from 1 to 100 you wouldn’t be able to skip a number if you wanted to take advantage of the domino effect. You risk losing the momentum required to make it to the end.

When you start a business you begin with an idea. In my case, I wanted to open a gym.

  1. I began with a name
  2. I had to incorporate
  3. I needed a logo
  4. I needed a website
  5. I needed equipment
  6. I needed a facility to train
  7. I needed clients to train
  8. The list went on and on….

Each decision was a domino. Every decision I made helped build momentum. The momentum continues today as we look for other dominoes to set in place.

Take it one domino at a time and the rest will fall into place.

Then like me, 6 years later, you’ll have a business that you can be proud of creating.

About Mario Ashley

Mario Ashley is the owner of Naples Strength & Conditioning. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida. He has certifications in the following CrossFit Courses: Mobility, Gymnastics, Football, Kids, Goal Setting, Endurance and Level 2 Certificate. He is also the creator of where he helps gym owners professionalize the warehouse gym one lesson at a time. He also has created an Ebook that fitness professionals can use to help improve their client’s flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury called


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