Functional Movements are one of the 3 defining variables of CrossFit.

At the heart of these movements they prepare you for life. Squatting, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Pulling and Picking things up aren’t just things you do at the gym. They are requirements for high quality of living. These movements have been around for thousands of years.

They weren’t invented by anyone and they are found everywhere. It’s what our bodies were meant to do. CrossFit uses these movements because they are much more effective outside the gym and superior to any machine created by man.

At the core of all squatting motions is the “Air Squat”. We use the Air Squat as the basis of functional capacity. Our coaches use this progression to help meet clients where they are at.

Why stick to the Air Squat when there is much more complexity we can add to improve fitness?

On the other end, we understand many come to us without the ability to squat their own bodies below parallel without assistance. For them we modify the movement to meet their limitations and current skill level.

These modifications are not the end all be all. As the adage goes, “without struggle there is no growth”.

The art and science of coaching is knowing when to progress an athlete to more advanced skills.