Taking on A Lion Mentality

“In every single circumstance, a lion is a lion.” 

In the wild, when a gazelle sees a lion, fear automatically takes over. But from the other perspective when a lion sees a gazelle it sees opportunity.

Why is that?

The difference between the two is how the lion and gazelle are wired. The lion sees opportunity. Whereas the gazelle will always see and literally smell fear. They were both born to think that way.

The mentality of the lion begins the day they are born. It’s considered by scientists to be the most crucial skill the newborn lion must learn if it has any chance to survive in the wild. By watching its’ parents and later through practice, the young lion learns to become a hunter. They mimic this behavior until it becomes a way of life and a state of being.

I can’t help but think how this impacts my own life as a human. I see the story of the Lion as a metaphor for my own life. As the king of the jungle, the lion knows it must maintain its’ dominance by successfully hunting. It has to prove that every single day. It can’t live off the laurels of its parents and grandparents. The lion has to show up every day and establish itself as King.

In my business the same is true. Like the lion, I have to take on the mentality that I’m the best and show up every day trying to prove it. As great as my business did last year I have to prove this year that we can do better.

I could see this year as an opportunity for even greater growth, or I can live in fear that we won’t grow to reach the success we did in year’s past.

How do I do that?

The same way the young lion does. I watch and practice. I watch what the best businesses in the world are doing and apply those best practices to my business. I’m always looking for opportunity. I’m never settling. I put in the work every single day. As if my survival depends on it.

I take on the lion mentality.


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This article was inspired by a speech Eric Thomas.

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