It would make sense that if your “magic” number to lose weight is 1600 calories that by eating drastically below that number you will lose weight faster. Not only is that not true, it will sabotage your success long term.

To believe that you can fix your daily calories to whatever you decide in your head is dangerous and doesn’t take into account your body type and activity level.

I wish I was a super hero and had X-ray vision that could track the hormonal effect starving has on the body in real time. 

When I say starving, I’m not talking life or death starvation, I’m talking about the subtle starvation that manifest it self as down the road as an insatiable appetite (overeating without sense of fullness), or stagnant weight loss (you are eating less and less and still not losing weight).

This is the hormonal effect of long term starvation by eating below the weight loss goal the calculator already set for you. These include; thyroid issues, increase cortisol levels, and insulin resistance.

This Look Fit Challenge is so easy people tend to complicate it. Track and measure everything. Be patient, enjoy the journey, the results will come.