Increasing your ROM isn’t rocket science.
In regards to the lower body, it can be as easy as placing yourself below parallel for long periods of time.
It’s that easy!
Over time your muscles, tendons, and surrounding fascia will adapt to these new ranges. It has no choice.
Here’s how you do it…
    1. Start with 3x/week. In which you time (stopwatch, no guessing) how long you can sit below parallel without standing up. If it becomes painful, numbness occurs, or you catch a cramp stand up. The test is over. We call this your threshold.
    2. Repeat a few days later. Time it. Your score will gradually improve.
    3. Be consistent. Once you reach 10 minutes. Add another day a week.
    4. Done. Wallah you’re now mobile enough to squat 1000lbs!!