Practical Meal Prep

What’s the first thing you think about when I say…meal prep?

This is what I think about…

Not only is this impractical I can only image how gross the meals would taste later in the week eating the same thing over and over again.

[Note: The quality of the food drops dramatically after four days and increases the chance of food poison (link)]
I would never encourage this form of meal prepping due to its monotonous food choice and lack of variety. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Why restrict your diet to the same 5 foods when there are thousands of foods to chose from?

Meal prep is nothing more than preparing favorable meal options for future consumption. What gets neglected to be stated is that meal prep needs to be practical and least time-consuming.

My secret for meal preparation is simple. Always cook dinner as if you are going to have one extra guest for dinner.  When dinner is over, take those leftovers, weigh the food, place in tupperware, and immediately log those calories in for lunch the following day.

It’s that simple!

This form of meal prep is effortless. It keeps variety in your diet and removes the stress of “trying to eat healthy” for lunch.


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