No Mirrors, No Problem

It’s been years since I found myself in a commercial gym. One of the things that always stood out to me were the seemingly endless amounts of mirrors that wrapped the gym. Everywhere I turned I was confronted with a reflection of myself.

The typical commercial gym set up is like this…To one side of the gym, you had the meatheads at the dumbbell rack station staring at themselves in between their tremendously long rest periods. And to the other end of the gym, you would find mostly ladies on the treadmill burning their calories off while also starting at themselves in front of a mirror.

I mention the mirrors because just the other day I was asked by a new member why we don’t have any mirrors in our gym. At first, I was taken back by the comment, because it was obvious…to me.

At first I was taken back by the comment, because it was obvious…to me.

I used the analogy of riding a bicycle. Never has someone asked to learn how to ride a bike in front of a mirror, I said. You learned by getting on a bike until you eventually didn’t fall. No mirrors, no fancy equipment, just practice, after practice, after practice.  When I said that the client said, “that makes sense I never thought about that.”

I was comforted to know that that client would never have a need to use a mirror to train anymore.

Good human movement takes time to learn. The subtle nuance of a perfect bodyweight squat takes years to master. The kipping pull up even longer. A mirror is useless for the type of training and fitness we are looking to achieve. What I love about CrossFit the most is that there is never a point of arrival.

We can always get faster, We can always get stronger, We can always do better.

Thank God we don’t need mirrors for that!

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