My last sign of weakness

It was my freshman year in high school. It was a Saturday morning pre-season wrestling practice. Our coach had scheduled a series of baseline tests to assess what type of shape we were in (or the lack thereof). I can’t remember all that we did but I do remember it included push ups and sit ups. Afterword he had us run a mile on the track for time.

Our head coach at the time was fairly young and training for the wrestling olympic qualifier, so he decided he was going to run the mile with us. To my surprise I had been keeping up with him up to the last lap. At the last stretch I began to show extreme exhaustion. I was breathing hard, my technique was breaking down, I looked over at my coach and it didn’t even look like he was tired.

It was in that moment he took off and left me in the dust.

After practice he caught up with me and told me that my biggest mistake was showing him that I was tired. He told me that the best wrestlers in the world never show it,

“its a sign of weakness” he said.

That has always stuck with me. No matter how tired I ever get I never show it. My strength comes from waiting for my opponent to show that their tired first. That’s when I know I’m going to win. To my opponent it looks like I’m not even phased by what I’m doing. That is defeating to someone who is trying to beat you. Eventually they start to slow down because mentally they don’t think I’m ever going to quit . Of course I’m tired, but what I had come to learn that day is that competition is about winning mentally first. The body will follow.

In life you cannot accomplish anything if you are physically stronger than you are mentally capable.

Train both equally and you can do great things.

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