If you’ve been following my journey you know that over the past 100+ days I’ve lost over 15lbs. Within our community I’ve encouraged my members to join me in this journey. Over 30 of my clients decided to start the program and commit 30 days. Everyday I email them to encourage, inspire, and educate.

Today is Day 19 for them and this is what I had to say…

You should have lost anywhere between 2-5lbs by now.

The pants are starting feel a bit loser. Push-ups and running feel slightly easier to perform in class than they have in the past. Most importantly, you have a new-found confidence about yourself because you’re finally seeing progress.

I call this process “bringing sexy back.” It’s a running joke to my friends and family as to why I’m dieting and weighing everything I eat.

Why I’m bringing sexy back:

  • I don’t want to feel like I’m training with a 15lb vest on me…that’s what I felt like when I was 15 pounds heavier
  • To take control back…when you’re overweight you feel like you’re losing control. Especially as the weight continues to go up
  • To lead by example…I can’t encourage change in others If I don’t practice what I preach
  • Feel more confident about myself…a lot of my self-worth is tied into how I look and feel. I want to know I’m doing my very best

These are my personal reasons for wanting to lose weight.

You all need your own. 

Because when the going gets tough and it will. You need to have a much deeper reason for losing weight that doesn’t involve looking good for your 20-year high school reunion.